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Mission 11 'Tacitus Interruptus'


Thanks to your unique provenance, the Tacitus has finally been located. The ancient device is currently in mainland China, secure in a ZOCOM convoy. It is almost within our grasp, but there are...complications.

Word has reached us that the council is planning to evacuate the device by sea, and, as you are well aware, we are not equipped to tackle the GDI navy. You must capture the device before it reaches its destination - disrupt the convoy, capture the device and bring it to Kane.

Ascension draws near...

Mission Objectives

  • Primary 1: Damage ZOCOM MCV before it reaches docks.
  • Primary 2: Capture ZOCOM Conyard.
  • Primary 3: Escort ZOCOM MCV to Evac Zone.
  • Bonus 1: Use Tiberium Vein Detonation to destroy GDI Tiberium Fields.

Note that this mission is buggy in game version 1.00.

GhOsT_828 says:
"After you capture the Con Yard, undeploy it, and then simply use the cloaking support power on it. I sent it to the objective point alone, and it wasn't even detected."

We'll definitely use this tip when going through this mission. Make a crane and build three harvesters from your War Factory. Build three or four more refineries and send your Attack Bikes to the eastern side of the map, by the docks. Attack the MCV when it gets close to the docks with them, then retreat. Tech up to a Tiberium Chemical Plant and then build two more War Factories and use the Tiberium Vein Detonation ability, and then use it again and yet again when it recharges. Upgrade Laser Capacitors and Dozer Blades and begin spamming Scorpion tanks. Put a Saboteur in a Reckoner.

When you have about twenty tanks, send them east and then north with your Reckoner to destroy the MCV escort, running over Zone Raiders. Capture the MCV and cast Cloaking Field on it. Move it towards the southwest, but don't get too close to the evac point. When the enemy Scrin come, send out your army of tanks and destroy a Ravager, a Shard Walker, and a Reaper Tripod. Finally, send your GDI MCV to the evac zone.

chickendippers says:
"I found that casting the cloaking support power on the MCV before the Tiberium meteor strike causes the mission to fail. Wait until the strike before using it."




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