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Mission 13 'Tacitus Regained'


The Marked of Kane have arisen, and the Tacitus is within Kane's grasp.

The artifact has been tracked to GDI's heavily fortified compound in the Rocky Mountains, secure behind an impenetrable wall of energy. Raid the base, capture its communication centers and bring down the barrier. Only then can you finally claim the Tacitus.

Ascension is at hand.

Mission Objectives

  • Primary 1: Capture and Hold GDI Communication Centers
  • Primary 2: Capture Tacitus Containment Structure
  • Bonus 1: Destroy GDI Bunker Entrances
  • Bonus 2: Destroy GDI Power Plants

This mission is easy if you do it right. I shouldn't have to give you many details on building up your base, for we've been bff for twelve whole missions. Make a crane, build a few harvesters, build a few refineries, tech up. Upgrade Supercharged Particle Beams and build five Air Towers. Send an engineer west and capture the silo, then build a barracks there and capture the spikes. Make a few Shredder Turrets to guard the pass.

When you have about twenty Venomus, send them North along the eastern border and destroy the two powerplants on the island. Then send them east along the southern border, and then north along the western border and destroy those power plants as well. When that's done, the base defenses around the Communication Centers will be powered offline.

Take your army of venoms (should be around sixty) and go around destroying GDI bases and units. When everything but the base in the northwest is destroyed, you can stop making Venoms. Put some Engineers in the silos around the map. Spend your money on a few MCVs and put one by each Communications Center and one in the mountain pass in the northeast. Build shredder turrets and SAM turrets in that pass so reinforcements die as soon as they appear. Put an engineer in each Communications Center and use your Venoms for defense. Put an engineer in a Reckoner and spam Venoms again.

When the shield wall is down, go in and destroy all you can with your venoms. Do this again when the inner shield is down as well, and then send in your Reckoner with a Saboteur. Victory!




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