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Mission 2 'What is Rightfully Ours'


Nod is resurgent, but remains weak in the face of GDI's vast technological superiority. The Brotherhood Archives were all but destroyed in the aftermath of the Second Tiberium War, leaving Kane without access to his centuries of research.

Paradoxically, our friends at GDI have provided a most convenient solution. An exact duplicate of our stealth databank, origin unknown, is under analysis at a covert GDI research Facility on the Australian coast.

Reclaim what is ours.

Mission Objectives

  • Primary 1: Capture Covert GDI Research Laboratory.
  • Primary 2: Hold laboratory until Upload completes.
  • Bonus 1: GDI Research Facility takes less than 50% damage.

Immediately queue up four Saboteurs and send them to the four Tiberium spikes located across the map. Send your militant and one rocket troop to the hill northwest of your base and one rocket troop a little north of your base to scout. Build a Crane and place it towards your tiberium field, then begin building a Refinery and a War Factory. When the War factory finishes, build two harvesters from it. Build another refinery. Start building another War Factory and tech to an Air Tower with your Crane. Upgrade Dozer Blades and being spamming Scorpion Tanks and 10 venoms.

You probably won't have two Scorpion Tanks made by the time you get a cutscene with a GDI guy insulting you. When the cut scene finishes, an enemy force will attack you. It seems like the force is random, and can come from north, west, or either ramp on the hill. Generally there'll be some infantry, titans, and wolverines with threeish hammerheads. Since you sent out your militant+rocket troops to scout, you should see it coming with ample time. Use a mine drop in front of the ground army (if there is one) to kill the infantry and severely weaken the titans and use your venoms to kill the hammerheads. Send Scorpions to mop up the walkers.

Now that that's taken care of, pack up your MCV and set it up west of your base while building a refinery with your Crane. The enemy will probably send a few more titans and infantry at you, but if you continue to use the Mine Drop power they won't cause problems. Place three refineries at that tiberium field, and then send your scorpions to take out the base north of yours. Destroy the war factories first, then the barracks. I suggest putting your Scorpions in the little pocket to the east of the two War Factories right by the border of the map so you can safely focus on the War Factories. It'll probably take two waves, but once the base is destroyed the mission is all but finished.

Build another War Factory and send your MCV to the two tibierum fields in the east. Set up some refineries and steam roll the GDI base surrounding the GDI Research Lab. Capture it and then you'll have to defend it for four minutes. There is a little hole on the northern border of the map with two tiberium spikes inside of it. Put all of your tanks immediately left of it, as that is the spawn point for the ground units. The spawn point for the aerial units is on the western border where the wall of the GDI base meets the black. Place your venoms there. Wait four minutes, and you've won.




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