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Mission 3 'Persuade Him...'


The Brotherhood continues to grow and prosper, but the Prophet cannot risk revealing his existence lest he draw GDI's unwanted attention.

A figurehead must be found to rule in his stead.

Kane, in his infinite wisdom, has decreed the renegade heretic Brother Marcion to be the most fitting candidate. There is but one problem with this initiative - the devout Marcion considers Kane to be a heretic himself.

Convince the good Brother otherwise.

Mission Objectives

  • Primary 1: Destroy Marcion's Stronghold
  • Primary 2: Destroy Marcion's Escort
  • Primary 3: Escort Marcion's Transport to Evac Zone
  • Bonus 1: Locate and Destroy Steel Talons Pulse Scanners
  • Bonus 2: Destroy Marcion's Statues

Build a crane and send an emissary to the blue tiberium field immediately northwest of your base. Build three refineries at the tiberium field at your base and two at the blue tiberium field. Build a War Factory and make two harvesters for the green field and one for the blue. Get an operations center and a tech center. Upgrade Dozer Blades and Laser Capacitors, then make three more war factories. Make as many Scorpion Tanks as your economy allows.

Send a stealth tank around and activate all the transmitters. If a transmitter is activated once, it can't be activated again, and the enemy forces might run into enemy patrols, meaning your army won't have to deal with them later. Once the transmitters are all activated, airlift four Saboteurs into the southwest corner of the map to capture the tiberium spikes.

Send your tanks to the northeast corner of the map. There's a heavily defended base here, and it creates most of the patrols that go around. Kill the turrets, run over the infantry, and take out the barracks and War Factory. After this base is destroyed, the mission is easy.

Take out the transmitters and patrols with your remaining troops, then send emissaries to the blue tiberium field in the middle of the map and the blue tiberium field in the base you just took out. Make more war factories and tanks, then flood the northeast base. Destroy the statues, ignore the buildings, and focus on the Stronghold, as it has very little health. When you destroy the Stronghold, a small convoy will pop out. Retreat your tanks and destroy the convoy, then move the transport to the evacuation point.




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