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Mission 6 'All that Glitters'


The Prophet has the Space Station Philadelphia - and the Ion Cannon Network it controls - in his sights. In days Kane shall destroy it, eliminating the GDI council.

There is one council member, however, who must survive - Redmond Boyle, GDI's craven treasurer. As strange as it sounds, this incompetent politician is essential to Kane's plan. He must live, so he may become the GDI president...and fall right into the Prophet's trap.

We have dispatched an infiltration team to the GDI Treasury. Destroy it and force Boyle to remain earthbound.

Mission Objectives

  • Primary 1: Tag Treasury Power Plants with Shadow Beacons.
  • Primary 2: Destroy GDI Network Communications Center.
  • Primary 3: Destroy GDI Treasury.
  • Bonus 1: Steal Gold Bullion.

Keep one shadow team in the forest to the west from where they start off, as you only need one for this part and the other can only do bad. Send your shadow team north, avoiding the hammerhead that hovers near the entrance. As soon as you make it up the hill, take a sharp left into the forest, as a group of infantry are coming near. Run to the nearest power plant and place your beacon, then place the beacon at the power plant right next to it. Run east across the bridge and plant a beacon at that power plant. Plant a beacon at the airfield for later and run south across the bridge and place a beacon at the last power plant.

Remember that beacon I told you to place at the airfield? Use it now. Use the Bombard ability to destroy it, then begin to destroy the base to the right of your starting position. Move your Specters close to the cliff wall and watch to see the pattern of the Pitbull patrol. Destroy the war factories with the Specters and then force fire (ctrl+click) on one of the stopping points of the pitbulls to destroy them, using your Stealth Tanks to take out the hammerheads. There's another group of pitbulls in here, so do the same thing with those. Once they're all dead, send in your shadow team to get the crates. The other gold bullions are next to the tiberium spikes near the northern border of the map.

Repeat the same thing with the base on the bottom right corner to destroy that building. Stealth tanks to take out hammerheads, specters to kill pitbulls, then destroy the GDI Communications Center with your specters. When that's destroyed, move your army north. Go right up the ramp and destroy the two hammerheads with your Stealth Tanks, then attack the last building with your Specters and send your Stealth Tanks in to damage it faster.




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