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GLA - Mission 4 'Western USA Coastal Toxin Facility'

After the destruction of its aircraft carrier USS Reagan, the USA has re-evaluated its position to place forces overseas. The ultimate hope would be the complete withdrawal of US forces from Europe, and will result in a complete GLA victory. Your mission is to raid the Western USA Coastal Toxin Facility and to steal 20 samples of toxin, so that you may have more ingredients for your Chemical Weapons.

Yes, this is the story of Jarmen Kell and the 40 Thieves! You will start with 2 teams which are separated by the coastline. It is really a point to point coordination mission. You follow the on-screen instructions to complete the mission.

Let's start with Team 1. You are to hijack the automobile ferry. (Hey! It looks just like the Hong Kong Star Ferry! You lousy copy cats!) Before you do that, snipe at those 3 vehicles and steal them. After you hijack the ferry, you can hit the transport button on the ferry to send your troops over to the other beachhead.

Looks like the perfect place to sunbathe, eh? Suddenly, beep beep beep, boom! A demo trap is set off! You will now be informed that the Americans have mined the beach, so we will have to obtain a Radar Van. So, switch to Team 2.

As Team 2, move east. There are 3 Technical Trucks in a parking lot for you to use. Commandeer them, and upgrade them with the salvage crates.
Then go down the hill and do some bodywork with the Humvees. When they are destroyed you can send any infantry unit into the Radar Van to capture it. Now, you can use the Radar Scan, without having to recharge too! If any of your Techinicals are damaged, simply send them to the Tunnel Network to recover health.

With the Radar Scan, you can navigate the beach with ease. Just reveal the Demo Traps, and have your units destroy them to give them vetrancy.
You will eventually come to 2 Rangers and an empty Paladin Tank. Kill the Rangers and steal their Paladin! To the south, are some GLA Prisoners of War in that enclosure. Break down the fence to rescue them. There are many Terrorists, so let them steal those sports utility vehicles. DO not steal the Tomahawks yet, though.

Switch back to Team 2. You will notice some Crusader Tanks across the bridge, along with 2 Patriot Missiles. Use a lone hijacker to distract the tanks while your remaining forces destroy the Patriots. Once all forces have been eliminated, send a lone Rebel over to the valve station. Enter it, and the reservoir will be drained, allowing Team 1 to proceed.

Submitter's Tip! Marcus Krol's Tip
You can destroy the base defense by the bridge easily (you know before you capture the valve station). You just need to use Jarmen Kell on the tomahawks, and then capture the stationary fire base and let it hack away on those paladins and missile defenses. You get zero losses and many more units to use.

Switch to Team 1, cross the bottom of the dried up lake to the other side, you will come to an airfield. Destroy it quickly. Once the airfield is destroyed, you can steal those 2 Tomahawk Missiles that I have told you to ignore earlier. With the Tomahawk Missiles, destroy all of the Bunkers overlooking the valve station. Send the Tomahawks to the POW Camp across the bridge to free more units. Commandeer and upgrade the Technicals to the max. Then switch to Team 2.

As Team 2, move to the Cold Fusion Reactors and destroy them all. Then move them up the hill and capture that Artillery Platform there. Then wait by the warehouse. No need to steal any battle buses.

Switch back to Team 1, and make your way to the northwest, destroy those units inside the garrisoned structures, and continue the advance, wiping out any bunkers you find. There is another POW camp to the far west. Free your brethren if you please. Now, send in your Tomahawks and destroy the rest of the Bunkers guarding the toxin facility. Then you can move your troops in and capture them.

See those empty Quad Cannons? You will need them later, as you have to defend your convoys when the US sends reinforcements. After about 5 toxin samples are secured, the USA will start sending in Reinforcements. All reinforcements come from the eastern edge of the map. So, now, it's a matter of endurance. Just hold them back. Once the 20th Toxin sample is loaded onto the plane, the mission will be complete! Now, as the transport plane takes off, some more rebels stay back to hold the Rangers off. You have not seen the last of us, USA!




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