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USA - Mission 2 'Somalia Coast'

While the USA is performing the crackdown on the GLA, they are also delivering aid supplies to desperate regions that are suffering very heavily. Unfortunately, local warlords linked to the GLA continue to threaten their convoys of food and medical supplies. Your mission is to ensure the safe arrival of the supplies, and the total elimination of the GLA troops in the area. The navy is supporting you in this area. Meanwhile, other USA armies are busy searching for more Weapons of Mass Destruction of the GLA.

You are now in Somalia, the land of the movie Black Hawk Down. In fact, this mission has a lot of parallels with the movie. Like the bombardment of the docks, and all the street fighting with the heavily armed locals. Fortunately, no aircraft were downed this time.

The opening cut-scene features many battleships firing on the GLA units on the docks, note that they are there to clear the docks, not destroy it, yeah right. Meanwhile, the Raptors, 2 by 2 are bombarding their tunnel networks (Hey, I just saw them fly over the GLA units, and then they explode! I wonder if those raptors have some psychic powers or dark force. Heh heh heh...) You are then left to play.

Move your troops to the warehouse, using the battleships to take out the bunkers blocking your way. By the time you secure the warehouse, more units will arrive in the docks, and the supply trucks will begin coming in. Now, defend the warehouse until all trucks have entered the warehouse. It is not very hard to do so. While you are at it, call in the battleships to blow up all the Bunkers and Stinger Sites you can see on the map.

While you are guarding the warehouse, consider playing a game called laser shooter with your Missile Defenders. Here's how you do it:

Precise Tip! Painting a big Bulls eye on them
The Missile Defenders have a unique ability. The Laser Missile. Using a special laser sight similar to those of sniper rifles, the Missile Defender can target enemy units and aircraft much more accurately, and will shoot much much faster! To use the Laser Missile ability, simply click on the laser missile button on the command bar, and then click the target you desire! Then, the Missile Defender will aim the laser at the enemy unit for a second, then the fireworks begin! Unfortunately, this ability is useless against enemy infantry and structures, so when you see enemy infantry coming, run!

After all 10 have arrived, and you have heard the crowd cheer, you can receive your construction dozer, so, build your base, and build fire bases and patriot missiles in alternation to each other. However, be prepared, as GLA will use SCUD Launchers in this level, and they can easily out shoot your Patriot Missiles and Firebases.

Base Defense Tip! What to garrison in a Fire Base
Always garrison one pathfinder and 3 Missile Defender in each Fire Base! The Pathfinder can pick your enemy's infantry off, while the missile defender shoots at the tanks.

You should be aware of a small GLA outpost in the northwest of the city behind the hills, consider sending a Ranger to capture the barracks there if you wish, or just send in Col. Burton to destroy everything.

Now, the business of destroying the GLA base is well, easy peasy! Just continue to bombard them with the battleships and comanches until they are gone! The Battleship bombardment has similar power to a level 2 Artillery Barrage, and you can use it sooooo frequently! Easy! Just use them as if they are mini superweapons! I tell you, easy! Much easier compared to those hectic 15 hours of troops struggling in the city in Black Hawk Down!
Another mission accomplished!




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