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USA - Mission 3 'Mount Elbrus, Russia'

Having successfully protected the supply convoys to deliver their aid in Somalia, the USA army has found top secret documents related to the GLA chemical weapon production program. They have identified the location of a top secret chemical production plant in Mount Elbrus, deep inside Russia, and will respond to this threat. Your mission is to send in Colonel Burton's team to take out this facility.

In the start of this mission, we will be treated to a hilarious cut-scene featuring the B3 (or is it U3?) bombers. Those bombs are so cool, they fall straight down, totally unaffected by air resistance, and I must say, those American bombers really do a good job sending people to the moon! Colonel Burton will be air dropped in with some other infantry units.
Meanwhile, Chinese Secret Agent Black Lotus will be dropped off on the other side of the river, she brags about the Helix helicopters and challenges you to a race, "Your Chinooks are durable, but I prefer the strength of our Helixes." and you are left to play.

The race is on! Your task is to reach a certain inn right in the middle of Casablanca called Riad Catalina! Oh, ahem, excuse me. No, this is not the Amazing Race, it's just Mission 3. As soon as you can get control of your troops, snipe at the infantry while Colonel Burton destroys the Radar Vans before they can squish you all flat.

As you may have probably already noticed, there are just so many garrisoned buildings in the town, so you will need flashbangs to clear them. So, head north, engaging any units you meet. Leave the infantry to the pathfinders, and the vehicles to Colonel Burton.

You will reach the Prisoner-of-War camp. There will be a cut scene. Colonel Burton says, "I can see the POW camp, looks like they have a tunnel network that passes under the river."

Black Lotus will then start capturing the GLA buildings in the camp opposite the POW camp. Boy, and she does a good job out of it. In the confusion, the Chinese managed to use a Bomb Truck to blow up the Tunnel Network! How can she do that!? Those GLA troops must be blind or something.

"Nice work, Lotus. I just can take care of a couple of guards, and everyone will be freed."

So, take everything out in the POW camp, and some rangers will come out of the camp. They are free! With the new Rangers, you can clean up all those garrisoned buildings in the town. Go north, and you will come to several tunnel networks by a bridge, be careful here, as there may be units waiting to ambush you from the inside. To the northwest is a second POW camp. You know the drill, destroy everything, and the rangers will be freed.

Notice this strange tank there? It's a microwave tank, good to disable enemy buildings. You will also notice that the area around the Microwave Tank looks a little bit distorted. This is due to its Microwave Field, any infantry unit that gets inside the field will slowly lose health until they get incinerated. Note that the microwave field does not work while you use the Microwave Beam.

Tip! A new way to clear garrisoned buildings
With microwave tanks, you can "ding" the people hiding inside civilian buildings. Just set it to High to bake a delicious meal. Heh heh!

Now that you have the microwave tank, you can continuously disable and destroy those stinger sites and tunnel networks. Have fun! When you reach the mountains, order Colonel Burton to climb up. Now, Colonel Burton will blow up the mountainside, starting the avalanche! The avalanche really WILL bury the lab forever!
Mission Complete!




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